Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Gay Pirates

Some weeks ago, I came across this wonderful music video via Stephen Fry's twitter.

This is why social networking is a wonderful thing. People get to share awesome creations that people make.

I think this is amazing because it's homosexual male pirates. That is just -- I would never have thought to have seen it. And their depiction is not stereotypically effeminate, which is a big thing for me.

I like Kurt on Glee and everything - but I find him a little stereotypical sometimes. And St. James suffered from it on Ugly Betty too. I know there are more shows that are depicting gay people (Modern Family for one, but, sadly, I haven't had time to watch and compare).

I also like that video acknowledges that pirates weren't all about Johnny Depp looking sexy as fuck in his beads and eye liner. Pirates were really...unpleasant. They've been romanticized a lot.

And I guess that's okay from certain points of view, but I like that they acknowledged that it wasn't like that.

It seems there are a lot of story lines regarding the bullying of the homosexual members of our community. I hope people will start to listen. I hope people will start changing their ways.

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Kodi said...

so this is really rather romantic