Sunday, February 13, 2011

More Snark Than Anything Regarding the Portrayal of Certain Primary Characters

One of these is not like the others.

In Buffy the Vampire Slayer, women gather around a table to discuss (or sing as the case may be) how to best save the world from musical-catalysted-spontaneous-combustion. (Or, also as the case may be, conspire to get themselves in a more private space in order to have some quality time with each other.)

In Supernatural, Very Attractive Men gather around a table to discuss how to best go about saving the world. The likelihood of any of them bursting into spontaneous song or special kinds of quality time are low, low, low (except in the wildest imaginations of the most besotted fangirl).

In The Vampire Diaries, girls gather around a table to discuss --


and the kissing thereof.


In the interests of being fair and being up front with first impressions, I've only seen a handful of episodes of Vampire Diaries. So its tone could change. And hopefully it will.

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