Sunday, April 4, 2010

Doctor Who: Hello to Everything Else

I have waited so long for Doctor Who to return.

First, after the tragic end of series 4, there was an entire year with only Specials to momentarily relieve the desperate need for more of the Doctor.

And not even all those specials were good (I mean, none of them actually sucked....but...ya know...). Yes, I'm looking at you, Davies, for making the Brave and Amazing Doctor-Donna faint. And for inserting the ridiculous Long Goodbye which was simply to indulge the wanking of a thousand fans.

But all is forgiven because the 11th Doctor is fantastic. I like him better than Tennant already - and I'm pretty certain that's sacrilege. I mean, don't get me wrong, Tennant was fantastic, but there's something about Matt Smith -- he's so gawky and lanky and adorable.

If only he wore those delicious glasses...

Also, Amy Pond as the companion. Brilliant! She hit the Doctor -- the DOCTOR! -- over the head with a cricket bat! How gutsy and amazing is that?

You know, there is another reason I like Doctor Who - it pokes fun at theism. Example: Amelia Pond prays to Santa. Even though it's Easter. And that's only one in a long line of humorous commentary on religion in general.

I always like the new Doctor episodes - because he's a brand new person, has to get used to himself. On trying to figure out what kind of food he liked:

"Apple's rubbish I hate apples.

[on trying bacon] Are you trying to poison me?

Beans are evil. Bad, bad beans!

bread and butter. now you're talkin. [throws plate outside] And stay out!

And he's so tender with his sonic screwdriver!

Come on, what's the bad alien done to you?

You almost expect him to kiss it better.

One of Tennant's trademarks as the 10th doctor was to say "what" multiple times when something unexpected happened - it appears in this episode, but it doesn't sound like the 10th doctor with a different face at all - I missed it the first time I watched it actually. Very impressive of Matt Smith I have to say.

When he meets Amy Pond again as an adult.

Amy: Then I grew up.
Doctor: Oh, god you never wanna do that.

Oh yes, 900 + years old with a Peter Pan complex!

He also has quite an ego problem - which somehow manages to be adorable and absolutely fitting since he's not exactly human. For example, when he saves the world (again):

No TARDIS, no screwdriver, two minutes to spare - WHO DA MAN!? [beat] Oh I'm never saying that again. Fine.

Actually, that's another nod to Tennant/10th doctor which I missed the first time. Hee.

And finally,

Listen to me, in ten minutes you're going to be a legend...but first you have to be magnificent You have to make them trust you and get them working. This is it, Jeff, right here right now, this is where you fly. Today's the day you save the world.

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